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    Data Mapping and Classification

    Create and map a source of truth from disjointed and separate datasets to create a unified view of your data.
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    Entities and PII

    Understand your data based on the most important and sensitive fields. Know who is responsible for it, the policies that apply, and take action.
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    Manage when data expires and should be secured, masked or deleted. Configurable on a dataset or field level and automate data actions.

Consumer Hub

By maintaining a real-time index of PI and PII data, DSARs can be managed in minutes rather than days. Leverage workflows to ensure data is deleted and shared with data subjects.

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Automate data subject action requests (DSAR) from inception to resolution for smarter privacy management

Implement workflows to automate enforce data privacy policies.


Available Q2 2022

Documentation, Data Audits & Partner Management

Run regular audits of data lakes, warehouses, suppliers and vendors based on predefined standards or agreed commercial arrangements

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Data Usage

Data FAQs
Processing Records
Regulatory Compliance

Full Coverage & Context

We believe that context is everything when it comes to data governance and compliance. That’s why we offer full integration into data sources, supporting context-aware recommendations and actions.
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