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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for ZoomInfo and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a leading SaaS-based provider of sales, marketing, and recruiting intelligence tools. The company is at the forefront of empowering businesses with comprehensive, real-time access to information about organizations and professionals worldwide. Offering a robust suite of software tools combined with a technologically sophisticated data engine, ZoomInfo is committed to delivering improved business outcomes and increased productivity for users.

History of ZoomInfo

Established in 2000, ZoomInfo has steadily grown and today boasts of a diverse and vast global client base. Originally incorporated as Eliyon Technologies, it was renamed ZoomInformation (ZoomInfo) in 2007. The business saw major transformations, including acquisitions and multiple funding rounds, thus further boosting its growth and expansion trajectories. In recent years, ZoomInfo merged with DiscoverOrg, another leading sales and marketing intelligence company, to extend and bolster its product offerings.

Typical Data Processed by ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo’s operations largely encompass processing various types of business information. This primarily includes business organization related details (like industry, company size, revenue), professional data (such as job titles, job functions, skills), and contact details. The data is gathered through an array of proprietary technologies and then transformed into streamlined and structured business intelligence that can be effectively utilized for sales, marketing, and recruiting purposes.

Operational Reach of ZoomInfo

Having a global presence, ZoomInfo operates across multiple geographical regions. It serves businesses small and big, from diverse sectors, all around the world. From its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, ZoomInfo has its roots extended to multiple countries offering intelligent data and effective software services.

Key Features of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo distinguishes itself through its potent features. Its powerful search functionality, real-time alerts, and direct access to key business people sets it apart. Furthermore, it offers enriched company profiles, predictive analysis for scoring and prioritization, audience segmentation and advanced user analytics. Fueled by a continually updated database and cloud-based platform, ZoomInfo offers integrated solutions for CRM or Marketing Automation systems, making it an integral tool for sales and marketing teams.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like ZoomInfo is extremely crucial. Organizations share valuable and sensitive data with these vendors. Hence, accurately understanding the data handling, processing, and governance practices of vendors can reduce risks and ensure alignment with regulatory compliance. By doing so, companies can protect their reputation, prevent breaches, and foster trust with their own customers. Therefore, consistent monitoring and comparison of these vendors are integral parts of a robust compliance strategy and secure data handling.

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