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Overview of Ziglu

Ziglu is a ground-breaking financial tech firm based in the United Kingdom. The company aims to transform the landscape of digital banking by offering services that blend traditional and digital currencies. Its platform enables users to trade, monitor, and spend crypto and traditional currencies seamlessly, all from one app. Users can buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

History of Ziglu

Ziglu was founded back in 2018 by a prominent figure in the fintech industry, Mark Hipperson. Hipperson leveraged his experience as a co-founder and CTO of Starling Bank to introduce a modern approach to personal banking through Ziglu. Since then, the company has witnessed exponential growth, launching its services internationally to enhance the user experience in digital banking by eliminating the boundaries between traditional and digital currency.

Typical Data Processed by Ziglu

Ziglu typically processes its users' financial data, including transaction information, account balances, and trading history. It may also handle users' personal data such as names, contact information, and device data. The processing of this data is crucial to the company's ability to provide seamless financial services, ensuring account security, and enhancing customer service.

Where Ziglu Operates

Ziglu, being a fintech firm with digital roots, is known for its global presence. While headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company provides its services to users around the globe. However, availability of services and features might slightly vary based on the user's geographical location and local regulations.

Key Features of Ziglu

Ziglu's key features center around facilitating a smooth and accessible digital banking experience. These include buying, selling, and managing multiple cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer payments, real-time account balance updates, and the availability of Ziglu prepaid debit Mastercard® for spending in any currency. The platform also acts as a secure wallet for digital currency, offering insurance against cyber attacks, up to a certain limit.

Understanding and comparing vendors in the financial tech industry, such as Ziglu, is essential from a data compliance perspective. Data is a strategic business asset and ensuring its privacy, protection, and compliance with relevant regulatory standards is paramount. Therefore, businesses must understand how their chosen vendor processes, stores, and protects data. This insight can help businesses to highlight potential risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for better data governance and security.

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