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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for YourMemberSync and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Yodelpop
Yodelpop provides specialized marketing solutions for non-profit organizations. Leveraging a multitude of technologies for a tailored approach, Yodelpop offers a range of strategies for enhancing lead generation, increasing supporter engagement, and boosting fundraising efforts. Their holistic marketing efforts ensure non-profits can efficiently communicate and engage with their audience.

History of Yodelpop
Yodelpop has been serving the niche of non-profit marketing since 2009. Founded by experts with deep roots in marketing and a clear understanding of the unique needs and challenges of managing non-profit organizations. Over the past decade, Yodelpop has crafted successful marketing and fundraising campaigns for diverse non-profit organizations.

Typical Data Processed by Yodelpop
Yodelpop processes a variety of data to execute successful marketing campaigns. This includes donor data, email addresses, demographic data, website interaction data, online and offline donor tracking data, digital advertising performance data, and social media analytics. The data obtained is used to tailor marketing strategies, ensuring maximum engagement.

Where Yodelpop Operates
Although based in the United States, Yodelpop's influence extends beyond these geographical limitations. The company provides solutions to non-profit organizations worldwide, with its digital presence allowing it to serve a global customer base.

Key Features of Yodelpop
Yodelpop offers a host of key features to help non-profit organizations thrive in a digitally driven world. Features include marketing automation, email marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), data analytics, and social media management. Additionally, Yodelpop provides the unique service of Online Fundraising Opportunities Discovery (OFOD) to help non-profits identify potential funding sources.

Importance of vendor monitoring and comparison
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Yodelpop from a data compliance perspective is crucial. As Yodelpop processes sensitive donor information and other key data, it is important for non-profits sharing this data to ensure the vendor maintains stringent data governance policies. Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations is vital to maintaining the trust of donors and safeguarding the organization's reputation. Choosing a vendor with robust data handling and security measures can prevent potential data breaches, offering peace of mind to non-profits.

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