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Overview of Yieldlab
Yieldlab AG is an innovative ad technology company specialized in the development of programmatic advertising platforms. They have established themselves as a leading integrated platform for media trading and renowned partner for top global media brands. Yieldlab facilitates real-time trading and personalized programmatic advertising, ultimately improving the effectiveness of online advertising for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

The History of Yieldlab
Established in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, Yieldlab has since evolved into a highly successful ad technology company. They were pioneers in ushering in programmatic advertising technology in the European market. Over the years, Yieldlab has fortified their position in the AdTech space through consistent innovation and strategic acquisitions, including the integration of Spree7 in 2016. Today, Yieldlab is part of Virtual Minds AG and forms the core advertising enterprise of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group.

Typical Data Processed by Yieldlab
Yieldlab processes various types of data related to user demographics and their online behaviour. This includes but is not limited to location data, device data, browsing history, IP addresses, and unique user identifiers. Yieldlab utilizes this data to derive insights regarding user preferences and behaviour, thus enabling media buyers and advertisers to target the most relevant audiences with their marketing campaigns.

Operating Areas of Yieldlab
While headquartered in Germany, Yieldlab has expanded its operations across Europe, operating in the UK, France, Spain, and multiple other countries. It caters to media owners and advertisers on a global scale, driving ad efficiency and effectiveness for all sizes of businesses wherever they are in the world.

Key Features of Yieldlab
Yieldlab offers a wealth of crucial features, including real-time bidding, data management, audience targeting, and supply-side platform services. It significantly simplifies the ad buying process through automation and programmatic purchases. Yieldlab also offers unique ad formats and creative solutions, helping brands stand out whilst ensuring a seamless and non-intrusive user experience. The platform also incorporates comprehensive data analytics and reporting, supporting advertisers and media owners in making data-driven decisions.

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Yieldlab is paramount. This allows businesses to ensure the data processing activities of their partner vendors align with the stringent global data privacy regulations. In an era where data privacy infractions can bear heavy financial and reputational costs, vigilance in tracking and evaluating the data governance practices of vendors such as Yieldlab can play a crucial role in risk mitigation.

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