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Get access to all subprocessors for XPLM and 1000+ vendors.

An Overview of XPLM

XPLM is a leading software company that specializes in the development, implementation, and marketing of integration technology. With a rich history and proven expertise, XPLM continuously caters to the needs of its customers, providing innovative solutions that successfully bridge the gap between design and deployment.

The History of XPLM

Founded in the year 2008, XPLM has quickly risen to the forefront of the technology industry. The company, originally based in Germany, has experienced steady growth due to its commitment to technological innovation and customer service. Over the years, XPLM has expanded its reach, now operating in other countries, continuing to provide top-notch software solutions around the globe.

The Typical Data Processed by XPLM

As a technology solution provider, XPLM typically processes data related to software application design, integration, deployment, and maintenance. Information processed by XPLM can range from project and engineering data to cloud-based application data, depending on the nature of the client's project.

Where XPLM Operates

Though originally based in Dresden, Germany, XPLM has expanded its operations across the globe. Today, the company has offices in Switzerland, the USA, and Russia, providing products and services to customers in numerous countries worldwide.

The Key Features of XPLM

XPLM offers a variety of features and products that set it apart from other software vendors. Some of these include its globally recognized PLM integration technologies, its CAD and PLM Custom solutions, and its wide range of application integrations. Their ability to provide cohesive solutions that unify entirety of the product lifecycle is a key aspect that distinguishes XPLM.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

Monitoring and comparing vendors such as XPLM is crucial from a data compliance perspective. This allows businesses to assess the vendor's ability to handle sensitive data in accordance with regulations. It's also important for businesses to understand a vendor's capabilities regarding data integration, management, and protection. Ultimately, in an ever-evolving digital world marked by data breaches and compliance laws, the ability to accurately monitor and compare vendors, their history, and their practices is key to making informed decisions for your business.

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