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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for Viva City and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of the vendor - Viva City

Viva City App is a leading provider of robust software solutions, specializing in data analytics and process workflow automation. Focusing on sustainability and accelerating the growth of businesses, Viva City App offers singular, integrated tools that assist in automating organizational processes and driving informed business decisions. Valued for their dedicated service to refining business processes, Viva City App helps organizations enhance their operational efficiency, boost productivity, and achieve their objectives with data-driven insights.

Company History

Founded with a forward-thinking approach toward data management, Viva City App has built its reputation through consistent performance and innovative software solutions. Though the company's specific founding details are not public, it's clear they have positioned themselves as subject-matter experts in the realm of data analytics, business automation, and process management.

The Type of Data Processed

Viva City App typically processes a wide range of business-related data. This includes workflow-related data points, data contained in documents and spreadsheets, emails, invoicing, and other business operation metrics. A significant advantage of Viva City App is its ability to bring together disparate data in a usable format, allowing businesses to drive valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Company Operations

Viva City App operates worldwide, with services available to organizations of various scales and different industries. The technology provided by Viva City App can help businesses streamline their operations both nationally and internationally, enabling smooth cross-functional workflows and efficient project management.

Key Features of Viva City App

Viva City App flaunts a host of key features, breaking the barriers of traditional data analytics and management with innovative tools. These features include complete process automation, streamlined workflow management systems, detailed data analytics, and tailored software solutions that adapt to specific business requirements. Furthermore, their dynamic data visualization capabilities facilitate an easy understanding of complex analytical results, ensuring businesses gain impactful insights with ease.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring and Comparison

Engaging with vendors like Viva City App can provide substantive advantages for businesses. However, continuous monitoring and vendor comparison are equally important for ensuring data compliance and optimizing efficiency. With a myriad of vendors in the market each having distinct offerings, keeping a close eye on performance, service quality, and updates is vital for businesses to maximize the benefits from their chosen provider. In this respect, data compliance ensures that the chosen vendor complies with all necessary regulations and practices, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data while promoting sustainable business relationships.

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