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Overview of Vidoomy
Vidoomy is a leading, global digital advertising platform that is fundamentally focused on providing optimal video advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers alike. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Vidoomy plays a prominent role in creating a progressive online experience with ads that render in a user-friendly way. Vidoomy helps publishers to monitize their inventory, while helping advertisers drive engagement and conversion through high-quality video ads.

Vidoomy's History
Based in Madrid, Spain, Vidoomy was established in 2017 with the mission to revolutionize the digital advertising market through powerful, immersive, and highly engaging video advertising campaigns. Co-founded by Marcos Cuesta and Antonio Simarro, Vidoomy has grown exponentially and serves millions of video ads daily in more than 200 countries.

The Data Processed by Vidoomy
As an advertising platform, Vidoomy processes a wide array of data to help its clients understand performance metrics and make data-driven decisions. The firm works with data such as user-friendliness scores, ad impressions, click-through rates, audience demographics, behavior patterns, and other engagement metrics.

Vidoomy's Operation Regions
Although headquartered in Spain, the global footprint of Vidoomy extends to over 200 countries. Employing an international team to manage its sprawling network, Vidoomy operates seamlessly across multiple continents while tailoring its advertising solutions to best fit the regional nuances of its broad-based clientele.

Key Features of Vidoomy
Vidoomy's platform is packed with a plethora of features aimed to benefit both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, Vidoomy offers high CPM rates, 100% fill rate, and multiple formats of video advertising with maximum viewability. On the other side, for advertisers Vidoomy provides advanced targeting options for increased effectiveness. System compatibility on all devices, low latency, and a user-friendly interface make Vidoomy a trusted partner in the advertising industry.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors Like Vidoomy
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Vidoomy from a data compliance perspective is vital as it helps companies ensure they are dealing with credible, compliant partners. For businesses sharing data with vendors, it is essential to know that their partners are upholding the highest data governance standards. It provides an understanding of how data is collected, processed, stored, and shared while ensuring no data protection regulations are violated. Hence, continual monitoring and comparison can unearth significant insights about vendors, leading to more informed, safer decision-making.

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