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Get access to all subprocessors for Vertify and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Vertify
Vertify is an innovative player in the field of data intelligence. This SaaS tool provides businesses a platform to consolidate, analyze, and interpret their data within their grasp. Offering solutions that pull in data from multiple sources, Vertify enables its users to convert this raw data into meaningful, action-driven insights. Vertifying their efforts in ensuring data transparency, they are driven by their mission to empower businesses to take advantage of their own data.

History of Vertify
Vertify was established in 2017 by Dean Dzurilla and Matt Klepac with a vision to change the way businesses manage and interpret their data. Recognizing the lack of unified data systems and the gaps in data communication among various departments within a business, Vertify aimed to break down these silos, making data more interconnected and comprehensive across diverse platforms.

Typical Data Processed by Vertify
Vertify deals primarily with customer and product data across multiple platforms. The platform is designed to handle a variety of data types, from CRM and marketing automation data to financial, product, and customer support data. The common thread across all data processed by Vertify is that the data is fundamentally tied to business operations and strategy, making Vertify a key player in the decision-making processes for businesses of all sizes.

Vertify's Operational Territory
Based out of Austin, Texas, Vertify operates globally. With its ability to integrate various business platforms into one comprehensive data intelligence tool, Vertify is a versatile solution for businesses operating in any location and across any industry.

Key Features of Vertify
Vertify features a range of robust, dynamic capabilities. Notably, they offer data integration that allows businesses to connect multiple data sources and platforms in just few clicks. Their data analytics capability synchronizes and standardizes data for comprehensive analysis, transforming it into actionable insights. Vertify also offers capabilities for data cleansing and enrichment, ensuring the data that businesses use is accurate and of high quality. Their visual data mapping and intelligent routing tools further streamline the data management process, enabling users to visualize the flow of their data and optimize it for their specific needs.

The Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors
In the digital age, data compliance is paramount. Monitoring and comparing vendors like Vertify is essential in ensuring that a vendor is both meeting industry compliance standards and providing the service that best fits a business's needs. Doing so can also help to uncover potential data breaches or non-compliance risks, thereby safeguarding businesses from costly penalties and damage to their reputation. Vendors who handle data, particularly sensitive information, have a responsibility to protect it. As such, it is critical for businesses to keep a vigilant eye on their data governance practices.

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