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Overview of Varinode, Inc.
Varinode, Inc. is a dynamic technology company offering an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for businesses, primarily dealing with Ad verification and eCommerce Network. The company provides a fast, reliable, and straightforward service designed to help companies efficiently manage their advertisement campaigns across multiple platforms. Utilizing Varinode's unique technology, businesses can ensure their ads are being displayed on reputable websites, reducing ad fraud and improving overall campaign effectiveness.

History of Varinode, Inc.
Varinode, Inc. was founded in 2011, with a mission to innovate the way businesses handle advertisement campaigns. With the world rapidly moving online, the need for a reliable, efficient advertisement verification system was apparent. Varinode filled this gap and rapidly gained traction among businesses for its advanced, intuitive, and effective solutions. Over the years, the company has continued to evolve, adapting its services to meet the demands of the dynamic digital advertising industry.

Typical Data Processed by Varinode, Inc.
Varinode, Inc. mainly deals with advertising-related data. This comprises both the data generated through Advertisement Campaigns and eCommerce-related attributes. This encompasses data associated with the viewing, interaction, and overall performance of advertisements, including the identity of the viewing platform, visitor click behavior, and ad campaign statistics. Moreover, their eCommerce Network processes consumer transactional data and vendor data associated for smoother operation.

Varinode, Inc. Operational Locations
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Varinode, Inc. operates primarily in the United States. Still, their services are accessible to businesses across the globe, enabling global brands to benefit from their advanced ad verification and eCommerce networking services.

Key Features of Varinode, Inc.
Varinode, Inc. offers several standout features that set it apart. Its ad verification service enables businesses to ensure their ad campaigns are being displayed accurately and on reputable sites, reducing fraud and ensuring more effective marketing. Their service also provides detailed performance analytics, allowing businesses to understand and fine-tune their ad campaigns better. Furthermore, they have an integrated eCommerce network which provides a commerce-driven social network for businesses to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Importance of Monitoring Vendors for Data Compliance
From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Varinode, Inc. is critically important. Businesses sharing their data with vendors must ensure the vendor is reliable, secure, and respects data privacy and protection regulations. Having detailed overviews of vendors, their history, operations, and the type of data they process, helps businesses make informed decisions on which vendors to work with, thereby safeguarding their data and adhering to the compliance standards.

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