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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for trumpet and 1000+ vendors.

Company Overview
Sendtrumpet is a SaaS vendor that brings ingenious simplicity to email marketing. Their service provides businesses with the tools they need to create, send, and track professional, high-quality email campaigns with ease.

History of the Company
While Sendtrumpet does not have a clear publicized origin story, they have established themselves as user-friendly software in the crowded field of email marketing. Their focus on making email marketing accessible, coupled with their commitment to excellent customer service, has made them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Typical Data Processed by the Company
To provide a streamlined service, Sendtrumpet processes various types of data including names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other relevant customer data provided by its clients. Moreover, the company collects behavioral data, such as opens, clicks, and conversion rates, to report and optimize email campaigns for its clients. It’s important to note that Sendtrumpet collaborates with its clients concerning data privacy and protection policies as they handle sensitive information.

Where the company operates
Sendtrumpet operates worldwide, aiding businesses across the globe in their email marketing strategies. Their user-friendly interface and reliable service are appreciated by companies from different continents and industries.

Key Features
Sendtrumpet offers several key features to its customers. These include easy-to-use email editors, template libraries, automated emails, and detailed analytics. Furthermore, they provide a simple contact management system, smart segmentation capabilities and reliable deliverability that aids their customers in reaching the right audience effectively and effortlessly.

The Relevance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Sendtrumpet in data-intensive industries is vital for data compliance. Due to an ever-evolving data protection landscape, it becomes crucial for businesses to ensure that their vendors adhere to various data privacy norms and standards. A vendor comparison not only helps in understanding the capabilities and features various vendors offer, but also provides a thorough understanding of their data handling practices. In this way, businesses can make an informed decision, that not only streamlines their operations but also ensures data compliance.

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