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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for TrueAccord and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of TrueAccord
TrueAccord is a fully automated debt collection agency that leverages artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to offer personalized servicing and helps consumers reach financial health. They aim to disrupt the usually negative world of debt collection by creating a positive and respectful experience for consumers, allowing consumers to manage their debts through easy digital and customizable payment options.

History of TrueAccord
TrueAccord was founded in 2013 by Ohad Samet, Nadav Samet, and Vladimir Iglovikov to address the inefficiencies and outdated methods of traditional debt collection agencies. The company places a strong emphasis on technological innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to change the face of debt collection by offering a kinder, gentler approach that puts the consumers first.

TrueAccord's typical data processed
TrueAccord processes vast amounts of personal and financial data. The data typically consists of user information necessary for debt servicing and collection which can include consumer's name, contact information, account numbers, debt information, and payment history. They also process communication data between the consumer and the TrueAccord platform.

Where TrueAccord operates
Based in San Francisco, California, TrueAccord operates throughout the United States. They provide services to a broad spectrum of industries including finance, healthcare, telecom, technology, and more.

Key features of TrueAccord
TrueAccord's approach is characterized by its fully automated and personalized debt repayment setup. They leverage Machine Learning to adapt to consumer behavior, offering flexible payment plans and reminders. Their respectful and supportive approach towards consumers, coupled with ease of access online, encourages consumers to settle their debts. TrueAccord also operates with full compliance to all federal and state regulations related to debt collection.

In the realm of data compliance, monitoring and comparing vendors like TrueAccord is vital. This practice ensures vendors properly manage and protect user data, which is especially significant considering the sensitive nature of financial information. Comparing vendors also allows businesses to understand their data management's efficiency, security, and compliance to legal standards. Ensuring vendors meet these standards is crucial in establishing trust and credibility with consumers.

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