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Overview of the Vendor
Trello is a renowned web-based project management tool embraced for its unique and simplified functionality. Formed under the umbrella of Atlassian, an Australian software giant, Trello operates as a subsidiary, providing a more visual approach to planning, organizing and managing various job-related tasks. Offering a digital platform that virtually simulates a physical bulletin board, Trello enables users to create, manage and monitor project tasks via a format of several boards, lists, and cards.

History of the Company
Trello was born through Fog Creek Software, a firm that was co-founded by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor in 2000. The initial idea for Trello was conceived in 2011 during an internal company brainstorming session and by 2014, Trello spun off into its own separate entity. In 2017, Atlassian stepped in and acquired Trello for a whopping $425 million. Trello continues to operate under Atlassian to date, maintaining its identity and unique service offering.

Typical Data Processed by the Company
Trello processes a wide range of data related to project management and team collaboration. These include user identities, project names and details, task-related descriptions, checklists, labels, comments, attachments, and due dates. It also tracks activity data, capturing user interactions and modifications within their Trello boards, lists, and cards.

Where The Company Operates
With its headquarters in New York, USA, Trello serves a global user base. It provides its services across the globe, thanks to its powerful cloud-based platform. Whether it's a start-up in Silicon Valley or an enterprise in Europe, Trello provides its intuitive project management tools to help teams around the world function more effectively.

The Key Features
Among Trello's notable features is the Board, which offers a panoramic view of all ongoing projects. Within a board, individual Lists illustrate different phases of a project. Cards within Lists represent specific tasks, which can be detailed with AI-powered due dates, attachments, labels, and assigned members. The platform further enhances productivity with its Power-Up feature, extending Trello's capabilities to provide integrations with popular platforms such as Google Drive, Slack, and Evernote.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors
Given the fact that businesses share a significant amount of crucial data with software vendors, it's important to monitor and compare them from a data compliance perspective. Understanding the kind of data a vendor processes and their data governance practices helps companies safeguard their information and keep it in compliance with regional data protection regulations. This prevents businesses from encountering potential data security issues, breaches and subsequent penalties. When considering vendors like Trello, businesses should consider how data practices align with their own data governance requirements.

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