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An Overview of Tiled
Tiled is an innovative company that offers a SaaS interactive content platform. They provide a cutting-edge solution that empowers businesses to design, distribute, and track interactive content experiences without the need for developers. Tiled transforms static content into interactive experiences which can be engaged and measured, helping businesses tell their story in an engaging manner.

History of Tiled
Founded in 2016 and based out of San Diego, California, Tiled was built with the mission of bringing content to life. The founders saw a need in the market for more engaging and immersive sales, marketing, and training materials, and Tiled was born. Today, Tiled is trusted by innovative enterprise companies worldwide.

Typical Data Processed by Tiled
Tiled handles a variety of data to facilitate its services. Aside from user registration and login information like usernames and emails, Tiled processes metrics and analytics data related to user interactions with the content. Examples of this would be the time spent on each micro-app and engagement (clicks) patterns. Please note that Tiled does not process sensitive or personal identifiable information.

Where Tiled Operates
While the company is physically based in the United States, Tiled operates globally thanks to its digital nature. Any organization, regardless of its location, can use Tiled to create and distribute interactive content. Their services are used by businesses worldwide.

Key Features of Tiled
Tiled offers many appealing features. On top of its core functionality of allowing users to create, share, and update interactive content in real time without coding, it provides performance analytics, integration capabilities with other software and tools, and a collaborative workspace. Moreover, it also allows users to embed rich media files, like images, videos, and audio files within their interactive experiences.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors Like Tiled
From a data compliance perspective, it's key to monitor and compare vendors like Tiled. Given the digital nature of their services and the data they handle, it's essential for businesses using these tools to ensure they comply with data protection and privacy standards. By regularly monitoring and comparing vendors, businesses can identify those that offer secure, reliable services, while also achieving compliance with regulations. This kind of insight can help mitigate potential risks and keep sensitive data secure.

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