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Overview of Rumos
Rumos is a leading technology consultancy and IT training provider based in Portugal. With years of experience, the vendor has established a robust and dependable reputation offering specialized skills and solutions centered around Microsoft, Oracle, and Autodesk technologies. Rumos specializes in the design, implementation and management of information systems, by creating integrated solutions for infrastructure, software, and communication networks.

History of Rumos
Established in 1992, Rumos quickly climbed the ladder of success to become a recognized IT services brand in Portugal. The company has broadened its services and reach over the years to become a comprehensive IT solution with a particular focus on continuous IT training, aiming to improve and deepen knowledge within the IT profession.

Typical Data Processed by Rumos
Rumos primarily deals with organizational data, analyzing various insights to provide targeted solutions for their clients. This includes business procedures, technology infrastructure, and other IT-related information. The company follows stringent data management practices, ensuring secure and confidential handling of client data at all times.

Where Rumos Operates
While having their headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, and a strong footprint in their home country, Rumos also operates in several international markets. With additional offices in Madrid, Spain, and Luanda, Angola, Rumos provides its services to numerous global clients across various industries.

Key Features of Rumos
The key features of Rumos services are their specialization in information systems, continuing IT professional training, and consultancy. Their IT services are centered on a strong technical competence, certified by leading technology vendors. IT Training stands as a cornerstone of the company’s mission, providing a wide range of courses that cover various IT-specific and cross-discipline areas. Their consultancy services offer expert guidance and support for various IT challenges.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring and Comparison
From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors is crucial. The rapidly evolving digital landscape demands businesses ensure their chosen vendors adhere to all necessary data regulations. And in an industry characterized by data-sensitive operations and services like Rumos, regular monitoring and compliance checks are fundamental to protecting customer data. By comparing vendors, businesses can select those that best align with their data governance policies, ensuring they work within bounds of local, regional, and global data privacy laws.

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