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Get access to all subprocessors for Roca and 1000+ vendors.

An overview of Roca

Roca is a contemporary, tech-forward platform aimed at revolutionizing the workspace. It redefines workplace flexibility by providing companies with an innovative solution to optimize the utilization of their office spaces, reconciling workers' needs with the inefficiencies of traditional business premises. With an array of features such as desk booking, room booking, and analytics, Roca provides businesses an opportunity to thrive in the evolving business landscape.

The history of Roca

Established in the heart of the technological revolution, Roca emerged out of a need for more effective management of office spaces. Comprehending the shift in the usual business model towards more sustainable and flexible solutions, Roca was built by experts who have in-depth knowledge about the nuances of workspace management. The mission has always been to streamline operations, boost productivity, and maximize the use of available space.

The typical data processed by Roca

Roca is designed to process data related to workspace management. This might include booking data such as which spaces are being booked, when, and by whom, occupancy rates, room utilization, and trends over time. All of this data is used to provide business owners and managers with actionable insights to make informed decisions about their workspace usage.

Where Roca operates

As a digital and cloud-based solution, Roca has the ability to operate across the globe. The platform has the flexibility to cater to businesses, irrespective of their physical location. Businesses can manage their office spaces effectively from anywhere, fostering an environment of workplace flexibility and efficiency.

The key features of Roca

Roca offers a multitude of features suited to modern workspace dynamics. Key features include office booking facilities that allow staff to book desks, meeting rooms, and other assets as per their requirements. There's also an analytics feature that provides an in-depth analysis of office space utilization, helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Their user-friendly design ensures easy navigation, and the platform also supports integrations with other software to maximize its utility.

The importance of monitoring and comparing vendors like Roca from a data compliance perspective

In the era of digitization, data compliance has become a crucial element of business operations. Companies like Roca, who handle data related to workspace management, need to be strictly monitored and compared to ensure they uphold data-security standards. Additionally, the comparison allows businesses to choose the most suitable workspace management platform based on their specific needs, and ensure that their data is in safe, compliant hands. Through proper due diligence in vendor selection, businesses can contribute to building a safer, more secure digital ecosystem.

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