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Overview of RiskRecon
RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, is a leading vendor in the realm of cybersecurity. Offering a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, RiskRecon provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding and management of their digital risk landscape. Their platform offers critical insights into the cybersecurity hygiene of any entity, empowering businesses with the quantitative evidence to make well-informed decisions in selecting and monitoring third-party vendors.

History of RiskRecon
Founded in 2015 by Kelly White and Eric Blatte, RiskRecon has rapidly made a name for itself in the cybersecurity industry. Based on their shared vision of providing businesses with more nuanced and actionable risk assessments, they created RiskRecon. Today, it stands as a cybersecurity pioneer, bolstered by its acquisition by Mastercard in 2020.

Data processed by RiskRecon
RiskRecon processes a wide array of data to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity assessments for its clients. This includes data related to an organization's network security posture, software patching metrics, email security, web encryption quality, systems' susceptibility to phishing attacks, and other critical vulnerability data.

Operational Geography of RiskRecon
Despite being headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, RiskRecon services an international clientele. Leveraging the power of their advanced SaaS platform, they provide a global cybersecurity solution that transcends geographical boundaries.

Key Features of RiskRecon
RiskRecon offers several key features that set them apart. Their asset analysis allows for third-party risk assessment at scale, while their precise risk prioritization provides fact-based risk scores that enable more informed decisions. Furthermore, their workflow and collaboration tools help to streamline the mitigation process, and the vendor risk continuum enables continuous monitoring of third-party cyber hygiene. Lastly, detailed analytics and reporting give a granular view of the risk landscape and assist with regulatory compliance.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like RiskRecon in the cybersecurity industry is crucial from a data compliance perspective. Data regulation standards such as GDPR and CCPA mandate strict protection measures for customer data. Missteps leading to data breaches can result in heavy penalties for businesses and irreparable damage to their reputation. Keeping a close eye on the cyber hygiene of vendors processing your data becomes not just a choice, but an obligation. It is here that solutions like RiskRecon play a pivotal role, helping businesses maintain compliance and uphold their commitment to cyber-resilience.

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