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Overview of Rezilion
Rezilion is an innovative cyber security SaaS company that was founded on the understanding that security prioritization is the primary function of any business. The company directs the resources of cyber security teams towards studies on vulnerability which yield the highest business impact. With industry-shaping automation techniques including code scanning and context feeding into vulnerability databases, Rezilion offers critical risk prioritization for businesses.

History of Rezilion
Rezilion was founded in 2017 by Liran Tancman and Shlomi Boutnaru. The founders bring a wealth of experience from the cyber security industry and hold a strong belief in the power of automation to revolutionize data governance. Rezilion successfully raised $8 million in a seed fundraising round in 2019, proof of their potential and their reputation within the industry.

Typical Data Processed by Rezilion
Rezilion processes data relevant to application and software vulnerabilities. The data processed helps in identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber attackers. This includes binary information, code repositories, cloud workloads, containers, and serverless functions.

Rezilion Operation Locations
Rezilion operates globally, with their headquarters based in San Francisco and a secondary office in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their fully digital service delivery means they can service businesses anywhere in the world.

Key Features of Rezilion
Rezilion’s key features include comprehensive vulnerability management, security risk prioritization, and code security automation. The company’s services offer continuous protection in real-time, alerting to new vulnerabilities as they are discovered and tracking any changes within the protected applications.

Significance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors like Rezilion from a Data Compliance Perspective
Rezilion's focus on automating secure vulnerability management is critical in data-driven businesses. Monitoring and comparing vendors like Rezilion enables companies to ascertain the strength and reliability of their data compliance efforts. In the ever-changing world of data security, it’s essential to evaluate different vendors to ensure that the security solutions being incorporated into your business operations meet regulatory requirements, protect sensitive customer data, and shield your enterprise from the financial impact of data breaches.

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