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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for Retreaver and 1000+ vendors.

Vendor Overview

Retreaver is a globally recognized call tracking and conversion platform that seamlessly and effectively combines online and offline marketing strategies. This beacon of industry innovation provides companies with comprehensive solutions to track, manage and analyze phone calls, paving the way for refined and effective marketing strategies. Retreaver endeavors to bring extraordinary value to businesses by offering them intricate insights about their customers, scale operations and improve overall customer experiences.

Company History

Retreaver was incorporated with the vision to revolutionize the industry's traditional approach towards calls and conversations. Building on this vision, the company has engineered advanced solutions that empower businesses to foster engaging relationships with their customers and enhance the overall customer journey.

Data Processed by Company

Retreaver processes various types of call data, including marketing source, online user behavior, customer profile data, call routing data and call outcomes. This data is strictly utilized for deriving insights and understanding the customer's journey. Retreaver's robust platform ensures that all data is handled securely and in compliance with all relevant industry standards.

Operational Regions Although Retreaver is based in the United States, the benefits of its exceptional call tracking and conversion solutions are accessible to businesses globally. Being a cloud-based platform, it has a reachability and accessibility that transcends geographical boundaries.

Key Features Retreaver offers an array of impressive features including, but not limited to:

  • Intuitive call tracking and attributions, that meticulously record the source of every call.
  • Advanced call routing that connects customers with the most appropriate department or representative.
  • In-depth call analytics and reports that provide comprehensive insights into the customer’s journey.
  • Tag-based data handling for effective data organization and quick retrieval.
  • A cloud-based platform that ensures data accessibility anytime, anywhere.

From the perspective of data compliance, monitoring and comparing vendors like Retreaver is imperative. Businesses often share sensitive information with these vendors, making it critical to ensure that the processing, storage and overall management of this data is safeguarded by stringent security measures. Assessing vendors assures businesses of their data compliance practices and protects the integrity and confidentiality of data. In conclusion, the strategic utilization of vendors such as Retreaver can significantly enhance businesses’ marketing strategies and customer relationships, all while upholding the absolute sanctity of data compliance.

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