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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Regalix and 1000+ vendors.
Regalix Vendor Overview

Regalix is a premier global digital strategy and customer success services company with a mission to transform business through technology and disruptive innovation. By effectively leveraging its patented cutting-edge technology solutions, Regalix provides global businesses with digital marketing services, sales enablement, customer success, and digital support. Through their technology-driven approach, they guide businesses in effectively navigating the ever-changing digital space and achieving predictable revenue growth.

History of Regalix

Founded in 1998, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Regalix as a firm has grown tremendously across Canada, Europe, and APAC. With roots embedded in digital marketing, they have gradually expanded their portfolio by providing businesses with a holistic suite of customer-acquisition, retention, and growth solutions.

Data Processed by Regalix

Regalix handles a broad range of data, including but not limited to customer interaction data, behavioral data, market trend data, and digital channel utilization data. This data is predominantly used for creating tailored and effective digital solutions for businesses to enhance their reach, build stronger relationships with their customers, and accelerate growth.

Regalix Operational Regions

Regalix has its operational centers based out of California in the United States and Bangalore in India. However, operating in the digital space, their services extend beyond geographical borders, serving clients globally, regardless of their operational base.

Key Features of Regalix

Regalix offers a wide array of features designed to facilitate business growth and customer interactions. Some of them include digital marketing services, sales enablement support, deep analytical services, and customer success management. Their unique data driven approach enables businesses to align their strategies with market trends and customer behaviors, providing them a distinct competitive edge.

Significance of Vendor Monitoring for Data Compliance

Monitoring and comparison of vendors like Regalix is crucial from a data compliance perspective. It helps businesses understand how their data is being managed, processed, and secured. Moreover, regular benchmarking and comparison also enable businesses to ensure that they are leveraging the best solutions in the industry. While Regalix doesn’t directly deal with data governance, the solutions and services they offer involve a significant amount of data manipulation and handling. Therefore, prospective businesses must be aware of how Regalix processes, stores, and secures their data, ensuring alignment with data compliance and security protocols.

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