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Get access to all subprocessors for Refiner and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Refiner.io
Refiner.io is a customer survey and feedback management tool, designed to help SaaS companies identity, understand, and nurture their user base with personalized interactions. Companies use Refiner.io to collect valuable user feedback directly from their app. Driven by a mission to help make users' voices heard, Refiner.io provides easy-to-set-up, targeted in-app survey campaigns to collect actionable user insights for informed decision making.

History of Refiner.io
Refiner.io was launched in mid-2019 by Moritz Dausinger, an experienced Software as a Service (SaaS) entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful technology startups. Dausinger saw a gap in the market for a user-friendly software tool that could facilitate the collection and management of customer feedback directly from within SaaS applications. As such, Refiner.io was designed as a tool which can be integrated directly into SaaS apps, for seamless customer feedback collection and management.

Typical Data Processed by Refiner.io
Refiner.io processes feedback and survey data from users of the SaaS applications into which it is integrated. This may include demographic information, preferences, usage statistics, satisfaction scores, and other feedback collected via the in-app surveys. The specific data processed would depend on what information businesses ask for in their surveys.

Where Refiner.io Operates
Refiner.io is a globally operating company; with its software being used by SaaS businesses around the world. It operates primarily over the internet, with its service available wherever there is internet connectivity.

Key Features of Refiner.io
Key features of Refiner.io include simple in-app survey integration, segmented user targeting, multi-channel survey delivery, customizable survey templates, and real-time feedback analysis. Surveys can be deployed in-app, via email, or on dedicated survey pages. Moreover, Refiner.io offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, including a real-time feedback dashboard, sentiment analysis, and feedback alerts.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors Like Refiner.io
From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Refiner.io is crucial. As they process personal customer data, it's important that they adhere to global data privacy regulations and use this data responsibly. Furthermore, the capability, performance, and reliability of such tools directly impact a company's ability to understand and serve their customers better. Ensuring that vendors use sound data governance practices helps ensure the integrity and security of data, providing the peace of mind essential for businesses in the digital age.

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