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Get access to all subprocessors for Ravelin and 1000+ vendors.

An overview of Ravelin

Ravelin is a fraud detection and prevention company that utilizes machine learning, advanced proprietary technology, and graph networks to provide its customers with real-time risk analysis and robust fraud prevention solutions. Established to serve the e-commerce industry, businesses within the travel industry, and online marketplaces, Ravelin assists organizations in countering the most sophisticated online fraud threats and activities.

The history of Ravelin

Ravelin was founded in 2014 by a team of skilled data scientists and engineers frustrated by the lack of effective and analytical methods to combat web-based fraud. Since its inception, Ravelin has focused on delivering innovative technology solutions to help businesses spot and prevent fraudulent activities in real time, thereby, reducing chargebacks, boosting conversion rates and enhancing the customer experience.

The typical data processed by Ravelin

Ravelin typically processes large volumes of transactional data, customer behaviour data, and information related to payments and order history. All this information plays a central role in Ravelin's in-depth risk analysis and fraud prevention processes, helping to identify and predict fraudulent behaviour and activity.

Where Ravelin operates

Ravelin is a technological service provider operating on a global scale, with a major presence in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. The risk management and fraud prevention solutions provided by Ravelin are sought-after by businesses that process online transactions from regions around the world.

The key features of Ravelin

Ravelin’s key features include real-time fraud detection, machine learning algorithms for data analysis, graph networks, and risk scoring. The platform is designed to offer a user-friendly GUI, API integration, fast processing times, and customizable fraud rules. Ravelin also offers chargeback management, global coverage, high-performance machine learning models, and comprehensive reporting tools.

The significance of monitoring and comparing vendors like Ravelin from a data compliance perspective

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Ravelin is critical. The volume, type, and sensitivity of the consumer and transactional data processed by such companies necessitate stringent data governance standards to ensure data privacy and protect against data breaches. Comparing vendors in this space help businesses to identify the best fit based on their specific needs and the vendor's approach to data compliance, security measures, GDPR compliance, performance standards and service delivery competency.

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