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Overview of Previon

Founded in Switzerland, Previon is a well-established company in the tech industry, providing innovative software solutions. The company has made its mark by offering state-of-the-art customer communication management (CCM) which has helped businesses significantly with their engagement and communication strategies towards their customers.

Company History

Previon was founded in 1987, emerging as an agile pioneer in the IT services sector. Over the years, the company evolved and started specialising in customer communication management systems. Previon’s keen focus on progression and adaptation to newer technologies has helped it to become a leading name in the CCM market.

Typical Data Processed

As a provider of CCM solutions, Previon typically handles customer data processed for the customer engagement. This could include an array of data such as customer profiles, transaction histories, and customer interactions with the company. Furthermore, communication content and patterns may also be processed for the aim of optimising customer communication methods.

Operating Regions

While based in Switzerland, the operational reach of Previon extends far beyond its national border. The company serves a wide range of businesses across Europe and has a robust presence on the global map due to its high-tech solutions.

Key Features

Previon's software offers several key features. First, it allows businesses to automate and streamline customer interactions to improve the engagement process. This includes personalising the customer experience based on collected data. Secondly, it enables effective multi-channel communication, allowing businesses to connect with customers through their preferred contact method. Thirdly, Previon offers robust security measures, ensuring that sensitive data being handled remains protected and unbreached.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Previon is crucial from a data compliance perspective. Given that Previon processes sensitive customer data, businesses must ensure that the company adheres to all necessary data protection regulations. Furthermore, comparisons with competitors provide insights into alternatives and competitive offerings, helping businesses find the most effective and trustworthy solution for their specific needs.

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