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Get access to all subprocessors for Pinecone and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Pinecone
Pinecone is a devoted search infrastructure company and machine learning deployment platform designed to facilitate enterprise teams in creating, deploying, and managing production-grade vector search applications.

Company History
Pinecone, founded in 2019, is a team of esteemed machine learning practitioners from Amazon, Microsoft and X, Alphabet’s moonshot laboratory. The company arose from the need to assist enterprise teams in using and deploying machine learning algorithms for their applications. Edo Liberty, the person who used to lead a similar team at Amazon, formed the company after he experienced the complications of conventional database setups for these applications.

Data Processed by Pinecone
Pinecone primarily processes vectors, which are essentially arrays of data used in machine learning models. These vectors are an essential part of making complex decisions, such as recommendation systems or text queries, in various applications. Depending on the needs of the organization, the type of data processed can range from textual, behavioral and numerical to many other types.

Operational Locations
With its main headquarters in San Francisco, California, Pinecone operates in several regions globally. They extend cloud-based services that allow companies worldwide to make use of their machine-learning capabilities.

Key Features
Some of the key features Pinecone offers include:

  • Deployment of fast, scalable, and secure vector search applications.
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and data isolation assurances for companies.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for application management.
  • Flexible API-driven interface for enhanced integration into existing workflows.
  • Indexing algorithms to reduce memory footprints and improve query performance.

Despite Pinecone not directly overseeing data governance, monitoring and comparing vendors like Pinecone is essential from a data compliance perspective, particularly considering the value and sensitivity of data used in machine learning. It enables organizations to understand and verify how such vendors handle their data, ensuring it aligns with the data privacy and protection laws. This is especially critical for companies operating across different regions, each with its own data governance regulations. Hence, an informed choice of the vendor significantly reduces the risk of compliance breaches and potential reputational damage.

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