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Get access to all subprocessors for Periscope and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Periscope Data

Periscope Data by Sisense is a leading advanced analytics platform that delivers speed, power, and flexibility to businesses worldwide. This platform allows companies to ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data from various sources in an all-in-one solution. Periscope Data serves numerous industries, including healthcare, finance, logistics, retail, and SAAS, and is designed to cater for startups, medium businesses, and enterprise-grade companies alike.

History of Periscope Data

Founded in 2012 by Harry Glaser and Tom O'Neill, Periscope Data originally intended to democratize access to complex data analysis and SQL querying for business decision-making. The company was quickly adopted for its ability to handle complex queries and share easy-to-understand visualizations. In 2019, Periscope Data merged with Sisense and enhanced its capabilities to provide a compound data analytics solution including AI and machine learning capabilities with the easy-to-use interface characteristics of Periscope Data.

Typical Data Processed by Periscope Data

Periscope Data processes a wide range of data types, focusing mainly on raw structured and semi-structured data from various sources. It manages diverse data sets including marketing, customer, operational, and financial data, among others. The tool essentially takes the granularity of SQL coding and couples it with usage simplicity, allowing even non-technical users to get involved in data analytics and reporting tasks.

Where Periscope Data Operates

Periscope Data operates across the globe, with customers in various parts of the world, ranging from the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Australia. The platform is cloud-based and accessible anywhere with a decent internet connection, making it globally functional.

Key Features of Periscope Data

Some of Periscope Data's key features include a unified business data platform that simplifies data management, the ability to create complex SQL queries, integration with various sources of structured and unstructured data, a user-friendly interface, and an extensive library of visualization options for data reporting. Additionally, one of Periscope Data's unique attributes is its ability to gather and process data in real-time to support accurate decision making.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors Like Periscope Data for Data Compliance Perspective

Understanding the functionalities, strengths, and weaknesses of vendors like Periscope Data is critical to maintaining data compliance. In a world where data breaches can lead to significant financial and reputation damages, companies need to ensure that they select vendors who prioritize data security and can align with their legal and compliance requirements. By comparing vendors, companies can select the best-suited platform to support their compliance efforts and essentially decrease their business risk.

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