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Overview of PacketFabric

PacketFabric represents a paradigm shift in the world of network connectivity. Built on a highly scalable and resilient network architecture, their Software-defined Networking (SDN) platform simplifies the process of establishing network connectivity services. Their services range from multi-cloud connectivity, hybrid cloud & colocation networking, to private network transport and internet Exchange. The company's vision centers around creating an agile, innovative network ecosystem that replaces the aged, inflexible networking solutions of the past.

History of PacketFabric

PacketFabric was launched in 2017, with a vision of redefining the way networks communicate. The company's founding team brings a wealth of experience in network architecture, cloud services, and enterprise technology. In just a few years, PacketFabric has built a diverse, high-performance network that spans across over 160 colocation facilities in 24 global markets.

Typical data processed by PacketFabric

PacketFabric does not process data in the traditional sense - instead, the company is focused on the transmission of data. Given its role as a network service provider, the data traversing its network would typically consist of network protocols, IP addresses, and other related datasets necessary for the provision of its services.

Where PacketFabric Operates

PacketFabric operates across the globe and maintains a broad footprint in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. They have presence in over 160 colocation facilities spread across 24 markets worldwide, providing a globally interconnected network fabric.

Key Features of PacketFabric

The standout features of PacketFabric include:

  • Scalable Capacity: Fast, flexible, and scalable network options with capacity ranging from 1Gbps to multi-100Gbps according to the needs of the customer.
  • Secure & Private Connectivity: Private network connections ensuring data safety and delivering predictable network performance.
  • Rapid Provisioning: Establishing network connections within minutes using an API-first approach, instead of the weeks or months traditional setups take.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear, predictable pricing with flexible terms.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

From a compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like PacketFabric allows organizations the visibility and understanding they need to maintain data integrity and security during transmission. It ensures that they can trust their services are reliable, fast, and secure, aligning with their data governance strategies and compliance requirements.

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