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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Owler and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Owler

Owler is an innovative and competitive SaaS tool that shines by providing indispensable real-time insights, allowing businesses to outsmart their competition and come out on top. Offering a comprehensive suite of business information, Owler aims to equip organizations with everything they need to seize every single opportunity in their respective industries. It helps companies streamline their operations and tasks through its efficient tracking of active competitors and industries.

History of Owler

Owler was founded in 2011 by Jim Fowler. Fowler is also the founder of Jigsaw, a contact database for companies, which he later sold to Salesforce in 2010. The vision behind the establishment of Owler was to democratize competitive insights by developing an online resource where businesses can access reliable and timely information about their competitors and business landscape at no cost. Throughout the years, the company has shown robust growth and has served millions of businesses worldwide.

Typical Data Processed by Owler

Owler processes a variety of data to generate useful business insights. This includes information about competitors, company news, top-market players, industry trends, and executive team changes. It collates data from an array of public and proprietary sources, thus ensuring the accuracy and relevancy of the provided information. With Owler, businesses can easily monitor company revenues, employee statistics and other crucial factors that may affect industry ranking and performance.

Operating regions of Owler

Owler operates globally, extending its services to businesses in diverse industries and various geographical locations. This allows businesses, irrespective of their location or size, to gather and analyze data systematically to gain competitive insights. By transcending boundaries, Owler allows small, medium, as well as large enterprises worldwide to stay informed about their respective industries.

Key features of Owler

Owler boasts key features that make it an indispensable tool for enterprises. These include detailed company profiles, competitor insights, Daily Snapshot news briefs, automated event alerts, and heatmaps among others. The platform gives businesses access to real-time alerts about their competitors’ activities. Its user-friendly interface caters to the needs of every business, helping them easily navigate, track, and analyze as they keep a close eye on their competition.

Importance of vendor monitoring from a data compliance perspective

It's crucial for businesses, from a data compliance perspective, to monitor and compare vendors like Owler. Enterprises rely on accurate, comprehensive, and timely business and competitor information to stay ahead of the curve. Vendor monitoring ensures they receive reliable data and reduces risks associated with inaccurate or outdated data. Moreover, data compliance is critical in the current regulatory environment. By choosing a vendor like Owler who processes data in a compliant manner, businesses can uphold their data integrity while avoiding potential legal and reputational damage.

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