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Overview of Overland-Tandberg

Overland-Tandberg is a leading provider of data storage and archive solutions. This veteran in the data storage industry prides itself in delivering cutting-edge data management and protection solutions for businesses both large and small. Their impressive portfolio serves a broad range of sectors and they are committed to helping organizations manage, protect and recover their valuable data.

History of Overland-Tandberg

Founded in 1984 as Overland Data, the company initially focused on tape backup libraries. It acquired European-based Tandberg Data in 2014, combining two familiar names in the data storage world. The integrated company now operates under the combined name of Overland-Tandberg, demonstrating its commitment to harness the strengths of both entities to deliver superior data management solutions.

Typical Data Processed by Overland-Tandberg

Overland-Tandberg primarily deals with storage and archiving solutions, therefore it mainly interacts with organizational data, user data, project data, financial records, and other proprietary information. They provide comprehensive data protection solutions to ensure businesses' data stays safe while giving them swift and easy access when required.

Where Overland-Tandberg Operates

With its headquarters in San Diego, California, Overland-Tandberg operates globally, serving various industries across numerous countries. They address business data needs in a multitude of sectors including healthcare, finance, entertainment, and governmental agencies to name just a few. They have a robust network of authorized partners scattered across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Key Features of Overland-Tandberg

Overland-Tandberg provides robust features designed to manage and safeguard your business data. Some of the key features include data archival & retrieval solutions, high-capacity data storage, network-attached storage (NAS), and direct-attached storage (DAS). They also offer flexible licensing options and provide ongoing software updates as part of their support plan. Their investment in R&D allows them to stay on top of industry trends and deliver up-to-date solutions.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors from a Data Compliance Perspective

In this era of stringent data compliance regulations, monitoring and comparing vendors like Overland-Tandberg from a data compliance perspective is crucial. Vendors with proven compliance to data security standards, like Overland-Tandberg, can add an additional level of assurance to your data security strategy. A vendor's commitment to data safety and regulatory compliance can tremendously minimize your business's risk exposure in case of data breaches or losses. A thorough comparison helps in making an informed choice, ensuring that you entrust your data only to those vendors who prioritize its safety just as you do.

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