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An Overview of OpenWater
OpenWater is a pioneering software company, offering intelligent, adaptable software solutions with a focus on application and review software. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools, OpenWater is designed to make the process of collecting and reviewing applications seamless and straightforward. From enhancing the submission process to making intelligent decisions, OpenWater is there to facilitate every step of the process.

The History of OpenWater
Founded in 2007, OpenWater began its journey with the aim of providing a comprehensive software service that would enable businesses to manage their reviewing processes easily. Over time, the company has continually expanded its product offerings and grown into an industry leader. Their team is formed by passionate and dedicated professionals keen on making application and submission processes smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

The Typical Data Processed by OpenWater
OpenWater processes a wide range of data types, primarily related to applications and submissions. This includes applicant demographics, application content, reviews, and feedback. All of which help businesses to streamline the decision-making process and to form meaningful insights that can be actioned.

Where OpenWater Operates
Based in the heart of Washington DC, OpenWater provides services to clients across the globe. With their cloud-based software, location is no barrier. OpenWater successfully caters to numerous organizations like associations, foundations, and universities worldwide.

The Key Features of OpenWater
OpenWater offers numerous features designed to aid in the application and review process. This ranges from initial submission collection, through to assessment and final decision-making. Key features include application form customization, user-friendly interface, multiple file-type compatibility, and robust reporting tools. Its collaborative review feature enables teams to work together seamlessly. With secure data storage and comprehensive privacy settings, OpenWater ensures the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

Data Compliance Perspective
Understanding and comparing vendors like OpenWater in the industry is vital from a data compliance perspective. OpenWater's commitment to handling and processing data securely and ethically means customers can trust them in their data governance. Monitoring these vendors helps to ensure that compliance standards are upheld, make certain that data privacy regulations are met, and ascertains that an organization's data strategy aligns with their business processes.

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