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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Opensense and 1000+ vendors.

An Overview of the Vendor/Company

Founded in 2011, OpenSense is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) provider specializing in email signature management and marketing solutions. OpenSense allows their clients to centrally design and manage professional email signatures while also capitalizing on the marketing aspect of these daily digital interactions. It unifies signatures across all devices, ensuring clear, consistent branding and business identity.

The History of the Company

Back in 2011, OpenSense (originally called SenderGen) embarked on their journey with the mission to provide effective tools for email marketing and brand consistency. What started as a pioneering idea over a decade ago is now a trusted solution for thousands of businesses worldwide. OpenSense has grown steadily despite stiff competition, consistently delivering on its promises of providing powerful, easy-to-use email signature management and marketing tools.

The Typical Data Processed by the Company

OpenSense processes a variety of data types as part of its operations. This includes basic user profile details such as the user's name, email address, job title, company details, and digital contact information. Beyond this, the company may also handle data related to clients' marketing campaigns, including email templates, signature designs, campaign metadata, and performance statistics.

Where the Company Operates

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, OpenSense serves a truly global clientele. The power of their SaaS solutions allows them to cater to businesses all over the world. Though rooted in the United States, the company is capable of seamlessly providing its services across different countries and continents, enabling global businesses to manage and streamline their marketing efforts effectively.

The Key Features

OpenSense's suite of features can revolutionize any business's email marketing strategies. One of its key features is centralized email signature management, which ensures consistency across all employees' signatures. Another notable feature is robust integrations - OpenSense seamlessly integrates with major email and CRM platforms for unequaled ease of use. Their cutting-edge marketing tools also allow clients to utilize email signatures as marketing real estate, giving businesses a way to promote their latest updates, products, or offerings through daily correspondence.

As businesses share sensitive data with vendors, meaningful data governance and compliance monitoring are of utmost importance. OpenSense is representative of the vendors operating in the SaaS space, all of which handle a significant portion of their clients' data. Being able to monitor their practices and compare their data governance policies helps businesses maintain robust standards of data compliance. From a high-level perspective, ensuring that vendors maintain strong data compliance practices is vital not only to promote data security but also to maintain trust and transparency with customers.

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