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Overview of Nokia
Established in 1865, Nokia Corporation stands as a leading global brand specializing in technology, providing diverse communication products and services. The Finnish multinational telecommunications company has progressively grown over years, gaining substantial popularity worldwide. At the heart of Nokia's operation is a strong focus on driving the digital future through innovative technologies that transform how people connect and interact.

History of Nokia
Tracing back to the wood-pulp mill operations in Tampere, Finland, Nokia has undergone several transitions to eventually mold into a global tech giant. Initially involved in several industries, like electronics and rubber boots, the company eventually spun off these divisions to jerk toward networks and telecommunications. The dawn of the 21st century saw Nokia take off as a significant global player in the mobile phone market, producing cutting-edge devices that shaped the industry. Today, Nokia is a prominent player in the digital landscape, orienting towards networks and next-generation technologies like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).

Typical Data Processed by Nokia
Nokia's focus spans across various data processing aspects - customer information, transactional data, device data, and service usage data being the predominant ones. They also process web logs, network logs, location data, data obtained from third-party services, and aggregated/anonymized data. This information is primarily utilized to provide, maintain and improve their services, personalize user experiences, and facilitate effective service-related communication.

Operational territories of Nokia
Nokia has a widespread operational footprint worldwide. With its headquarters stationed in Espoo, Finland, the company operates in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle-East and Africa. A wide network of manufacturing facilities, operational centers, and R&D hubs enables their global presence. Its customer base comprises telecommunication service providers, government agencies, large enterprises, and more, from over 120 countries.

Key Features of Nokia
Nokia's business revolves around providing network infrastructure, technology and software services. Its key features include Telecommunications infrastructure – primarily mobile, broadband and IP-based networks, technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI and cloud, and digital map functions. The company also offers network planning, optimization services, and interactive entertainment content through its various business divisions.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Nokia is vital from a data compliance perspective, considering how data is the ultimate powerhouse in the current digital era. As businesses share their data with vendors for processing and insights, compliance with data protection laws is integral. Inclusive platforms like ours serve to provide transparent, reliable, and objective overviews of vendors - allowing businesses to make informed choices about their data governance journey and further assurance that their data is handled compliantly and securely.

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