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Overview of Mentholatum

Mentholatum Company, well known for its commitment to wellness and self-care, is the proud manufacturer and distributor of a variety of health-focused consumer products. Ranging from pain relief creams to skincare solutions, their product catalogue is varied and designed to enhance overall quality of life. Among their product line, Deep Relief, a widely recognized brand, provides dual action pain relief.

History of the Company

Founded by Albert Alexander Hyde in Wichita, Kansas, in 1889, Mentholatum has steadily grown and expanded over the years. Their therapeutic ointments gained rapid popularity due to their effectiveness. The company is now owned by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company, since 1988. Since the acquisition, Mentholatum has accelerated their global reach.

Typical Data Processed by Mentholatum

As a healthcare manufacturer and distributor, the typical data processed by Mentholatum involves customer transactional data, product distribution and supply chain details, consumer feedback and reviews, and product usage statistics. The company may also collect data for promotional purposes, market research analysis, and customer inquiries for support and information. However, all data collected is subject to stringent data privacy policies and regulations.

Where Mentholatum Operates

With a strong global presence, Mentholatum operates in over 150 countries, with production facilities in several key locations, including the United States, U.K., South Africa, and Asia. The company deeply respects the variety of cultures, practices, and consumer interests in the different markets it serves.

Key Features of Mentholatum

The key features of Mentholatum lie in its vast range of health and wellness products, namely topical creams and ointments, skincare solutions, lip care products, and health supplements. These products are designed and manufactured under rigorous quality standards. Products such as Deep Relief are known for their dual-action pain relief, delivering effective, quick-acting relief to users worldwide.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring in Data Compliance

For businesses involved in sharing data with vendors like Mentholatum, it becomes crucial to monitor and compare vendors in this industry. This ensures compliance with data protection regulations and standard practices. From a data compliance perspective, transparency in data collection, storage, and usage is key to maintain trust and integrity with consumers. Effective vendor comparison allows businesses to ensure they are partnering with organizations that align with these stringent data protection standards.
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