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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for MarketBeam and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of the Vendor/Company

MarketBeam is a comprehensive social amplification platform that uses AI to enable businesses to build and sustain brand image and magnify marketing reach. The company combines the power of machine learning with the influence of social networking to generate an amplified, authentic, and targeted brand presence across numerous demographics and audiences.

History of the Company

MarketBeam was founded with the vision to help businesses curate, manage and measure their brand voice across multiple social media channels. The company was born out of its founders' realization of the necessity of creating a robust marketing channel that amplifies a brand's voice and reach, while keeping the content authentic and personalized at the same time. Since its inception, MarketBeam has been aiming towards transforming the landscape of social amplification, making it more personalized, scalable and impactful.

Typical Data Processed By The Company

MarketBeam leverages multiple sources of data to drive its AI algorithms. The data it processes include information related to customer demographics, social media behaviors, preferences, and interactions. This might encompass the likes, shares, comments, reactions, and overall engagement that social media posts have received. Furthermore, the company might also process data associated with marketing campaign performance, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics.

Where The Company Operates

MarketBeam's robust and scalable platform caters to businesses around the globe. Their solutions can be implemented by any business wishing to leverage the power of amplified social reach, regardless of its location.

Key Features

MarketBeam's SaaS offering comes with a set of powerful features that includes: AI-powered content curation and optimization, in-depth demographics targeting, brand voice management, real-time analytics and insights, seamless integration with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, among others.

Why Monitoring and Comparing a Vendor in This Industry is Important From a Data Compliance Perspective

Ensuring data compliance is a necessity for every business, and it becomes even more critical when utilizing third-party vendors like MarketBeam. The handling and processing of data by such vendors should be in line with the regulations set by jurisdictions in which the business operates. Therefore, monitoring and comparing the data compliance policies and practices of vendors in this industry is crucial. Not only does it help in mitigating the risk of breaches and penalties, but it also ensures the trust and confidence of customers, investors, and other stakeholders, in the business. Furthermore, it enables businesses to make informed decisions when selecting a vendor, ensuring better alignment with their own data governance and compliance strategies.

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