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Get access to all subprocessors for Lumen Research and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Lumen Research

Lumen Research is an advertising analytics firm that uses cutting-edge technology to measure and optimize the attention received by advertising and other stimuli. The firm is driven by JICWEBS principles and makes use of the best market research practices. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, Lumen pays close attention to what people see and what they ignore. They make these insights accessible in real-time, helping brands to deliver messages far more effectively.

History of Lumen Research

Founded in 2013, Lumen Research has grown to become an internationally recognized advertising analytics firm with a rich record of innovation and tangible impact. Its unique attention-based approach to analytics involving expert application of machine learning techniques has revolutionized the way brands perceive and align their marketing efforts.

Typical data processed by Lumen Research

Lumen Research deals with a wide variety of data types, centering around advertising and consumer analytics. This includes digital attention data, viewability data, ad engagement, user behavioral data, and various other communication metrics. Lumen takes these disparate strands of data and funnels them into actionable insights about consumer behavior and engagement.

Operating domains of Lumen Research

Based in London, Lumen Research operates globally, serving a vast range of clients from diverse industries. Its geographical reach expands from Europe to America, providing in-depth and valuable insights into advertisement effectiveness all over the globe.

Key features of Lumen Research

Lumen Research provides several key features including real-time analytics, advanced machine learning techniques, a wide range of market research services, and unparalleled insights into consumer behavior. They offer a proprietary attention tracking platform, advanced market wide surveys, and behavioral tracking of live campaigns, enabling clients to act based on audience engagement, not just simple metrics.

The importance of monitoring vendors like Lumen Research from a data compliance perspective

In an age where data compliance laws are becoming more stringent, the need for robust vendor monitoring and comparison systems is critical. Lumen Research, though not exclusively a data governance company, nevertheless plays a pivotal role in managing and processing user data. Their ability to handle data securely, responsibly, and in compliance with global standards has a direct impact on a business's reputation, regulatory standing, and bottom line. By comparing vendors like Lumen Research with others in the industry, businesses can ensure they are working with partners who respect the privacy of their data, comply with the relevant data processing rules, and consistently deliver value-added services.

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