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Overview of Lookback
Lookback is an innovative provider of user experience (UX) research technology, with a focus on real-time and recorded in-depth interviews, usability testing, and self-testing products. The platform simplifies UX studies by making it easier to capture, analyze, and share user experience data from app interactions. The company's robust software suite gives companies an unfiltered look at exactly how users interact with their service or product, providing valuable insights for improving the customer experience.

History of Lookback
Founded in Stockholm in 2013 by a team of Spotify engineers, Lookback set out to resolve common roadblocks in conducting user research remotely, particularly around mobile apps. Seeing a significant gap for a user-friendly, effective tool for remote UX testing, the team came up with the Lookback platform. Since its inception, Lookback has consistently refined and expanded its offerings, remaining at the forefront of the UX research field.

Data Processed by Lookback
Lookback processes a broad range of data, mostly revolving around user interaction and behavior during user research studies. This can include screen recordings, camera footages capturing facial expressions, audio comments, and user clicks, swipes, or keystrokes. It's important to note that Lookback is compliant with GDPR and other data protection laws, ensuring data privacy and security in all areas of operation.

Where Lookback Operates
With a base in Stockholm, Sweden, and an office in San Francisco, USA, Lookback operates globally. Their solutions are used by companies around the world, including recognized giants like Spotify and Facebook, to conduct remote user experience research. No matter the location or the size of your company, Lookback's global presence ensures top-quality service delivery.

Key Features of Lookback
Lookback offers an array of functionalities specifically designed to facilitate easy and effective UX research. Some key features include real-time remote research through live moderated sessions, self-test products for insights in natural settings, screen and face recording to capture authentic user reactions, a collaborative analysis tool for teams to work together, and a rich collection of insights and metrics. The platform maintains a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various platforms, making UX research an effortless task for users and companies alike.

Data Compliance from a Vendor Perspective
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Lookback is important from a data compliance perspective. This importance stems from the fact that these vendors process a significant amount of sensitive data during UX studies. Understanding how the data is managed, stored, and protected is crucial for businesses from a compliance, legality, and reputation standpoint. Companies can only achieve full legal compliance and maintain consumer trust when they share data with vendors who uphold rigorous data protection standards, such as Lookback.

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