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Overview of LogPoint

LogPoint is a rapidly growing security analytics and operations tool aimed at aiding business and IT decision makers to make more informed and in-depth decisions. At its core, LogPoint provides fully integrated, end-to-end data management and analytics solutions that enable users to easily explore and visualize data. It's all about breaking down complex datasets and turning them into actionable information.

History of LogPoint

LogPoint was founded in 2005 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has since grown significantly and has established a global customer base with implementations worldwide. Over the years the company has remained committed to ensuring that individuals and businesses have simple, streamlined access to their own data, enabling them to extract meaningful insights and improve operational efficiencies.

Typical Data Processed by LogPoint

LogPoint doesn't process specific types of data on its own, but rather it lends platform and tools for businesses to analyze their own data. This can include operational logs, security logs, application logs, and a broad array of other system generated administrative data from different sources within an organisation. These are then processed and analyzed based upon user-defined rules and models to uncover insights and indicate potential security threats.

Where LogPoint Operates

While LogPoint is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company operates globally. LogPoint has subsidiaries and partners across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, delivering their top-tier data analysis and security solutions to both local and multinational customers.

Key Features of LogPoint

As a cybersecurity and data analysis platform, LogPoint's key features include real-time data packaging, unified data collection, unalterable log storage, and advanced analytics. The platform provides an accessible user interface, high-performance data exploration, and the ability to create custom dashboards and reports. But its real strength lies in providing actionable cybersecurity insights through real-time monitoring, alerting, and automated response capabilities.

Monitoring and comparing vendors in this industry is important from a compliance perspective because data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. Allowing an external vendor access to this data comes with potential security risks and legal implications, especially with today's ever-evolving compliance regulations around data protection, usage, and breach penalties. Understanding the capabilities, security measures, and credibility of a vendor like LogPoint is crucial in ensuring the business complies with regulations and keeps its data safe and secure.
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