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Overview of Laudert
Laudert is a globally recognized vendor in the media and information technology industry. Specializing in providing comprehensive and holistic media solutions, Laudert offers a complete line-up of services that caters to the needs of various sectors; from retail and industry to publishers and mail order companies.

History of Laudert
Founded in 1959 in Germany, Laudert has steadily grown into a leading international provider of digital solutions and media services. Over the years it has persistently evolved to keep pace with changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and the ever-changing needs of its customers. With a rich history of more than 60 years, Laudert continues to hold its position as a trusted service provider in the IT and media realm.

Typical data processed by Laudert
Laudert primarily handles media-related data and information. From photography and artwork assets to catalog, ecommerce, and content management data, Laudert provides robust solutions for data handling and processing. The company effectively manages and processes high volume data, ensuring it is stored, organized, and transmitted effectively, securely, and efficiently.

Where Laudert Operates
Originally established in Germany, Laudert has expanded its international footprint. Today the company operates in several key markets around the globe including the Netherlands and Asia, with a strong presence in Thailand. Their extensive network enables them to effectively cater to the diverse needs of their extensive international clients.

Key Features of Laudert’s Services
Laudert offers its clients a wide range of innovative services, primary among them are media production, software development, photography services, and on-location consulting. Their key features include optimized media services, operational excellence, robust data handling capabilities, and innovative software solutions. They also provide expert consulting services to steer businesses towards operational efficiency and digital transformation.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Laudert is of immense importance from the perspective of data compliance. Trusting a third-party vendor with your data comes with significant risks. Hence, it is important that their practices adhere to international standards of data compliance. Due diligence in comparing and understanding their practices will ensure your data is in safe hands and the probability of a breach is minimized, maintaining the integrity and security of your valuable data assets.

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