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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Lattice and 1000+ vendors.

Company Overview
Lattice, a key player in the tech industry, is a dedicated platform that provides comprehensive employee performance and engagement solutions. The vendor prides itself in exceeding the expectations of its diverse client base by providing unique and reliable software tools designed to enhance employee engagement, boost overall performance, and facilitate a smoother organization work flow.

History of the Company
Lattice was founded by Jack Altman and Eric Koslow in 2015, with a vision of creating a tool that aids companies in fostering a robust and high-performing corporate culture. Ever since its inception, Lattice has been addressing the woes of many organizations by enabling them with human-centric, intuitive tools for smoother human resource management.

Typical Data Processed by the Company
As an employee engagement and performance platform, Lattice processes voluminous organizational data. This typically involves employee data including personal details, performance metrics, feedback data, engagement metrics, goal progress, and various other related metrics. The vendor assures stringent compliance to data privacy norms, thus ensuring a secure ecosystem for all its clients.

Operating Locations
Lattice was founded and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. They offer robust employee engagement and performance solutions to organizations across the globe, being operational in several countries.

Key Features
Lattice's toolset is designed to cater to the unique needs of a diverse set of businesses. They offer an integrated suite of features that encompass performance management, employee engagement, and personal development. Noteworthy features include 1:1 meeting tools, feedback and coaching offerings, performance review systems, goal setting and tracking, as well as employee satisfaction surveys.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring and Comparison
From a data compliance perspective, continually monitoring and comparing vendors like Lattice is imperative. With businesses sharing significant volumes of sensitive data with these vendors, ensuring they have robust data protection mechanisms in place is vital. Comprehensive vendor management not only allows businesses to ascertain the security of their data, but it also helps them identify the best-fit solutions in terms of features, usability, scalability, and cost.

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