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Get access to all subprocessors for ITC and 1000+ vendors.

Company Overview
TurboRater prides itself as a state-of-the-art company delivering innovative automation solutions to insurance agencies. By fostering efficiency, TurboRater continues to redefine how insurance companies handle their automation needs. Given their dedication to affordably increase productivity while saving time, their products are sharply focused on optimizing operational success for clients.

Company History
Founded in 1983, TurboRater started out with a mission to streamline the operations of insurance agencies. Initially named Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), the company rebranded to TurboRater after creating its remarkable tool that gained traction in the industry. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, providing auto, home & renters insurance rating software to independent insurance agencies across the United States. Today, TurboRater is recognized for its commitment to offering high-quality software at affordable prices.

Typical Data Processed by the Company
TurboRater processes a variety of data related to insurance separately for both auto and home insurance. This includes driver particulars, vehicle type, driving records, property details, and historical claim data. It also handles data related to insurance rates, discounts, and binding conditions, which are important elements in preparing insurance quotes.

Company Operations
TurboRater predominantly operates within the United States, providing its services broadly across 48 states. The company also offers its rating software to insurance agencies in nearly every major city. Over the years, TurboRater's geographical reach and product portfolio have expanded in line with the evolving needs of the insurance sector.

Key Features
TurboRater offers a rich set of features that make it an attractive choice for insurance agencies. The company's product portfolio includes an easily navigable, browser-based platform that provides real-time insurance rates. This software can handle processing a high quantity of quotes quickly, ensuring accuracy and speed. Additionally, TurboRater offers comprehensive reporting tools, allowing users to analyze their business trends effectively. They also provide remarkable customer service, a solid network of partners, and reliable security measures to ensure data protection.

From a data compliance perspective, it's increasingly crucial to monitor and compare vendors like TurboRater in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Ensuring that vendors adhere to the highest standards of data handling can avoid any potential regulatory complications. Moreover, such a comparison assists businesses in choosing a vendor whose features align perfectly with their needs and provide the best value for their investment. In an industry where data is the backbone, businesses cannot afford to comprise on data compliance, making it a significant consideration in the vendor selection process.

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