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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for Invoice Ninja and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a leading provider of online invoicing and payment solutions for small businesses, freelancers, and service providers globally. Their online platform provides easy-to-use, comprehensive tools for creating, sending, and tracking the status of invoices, payments, and projects. With functionality optimized for speed and convenience, the company caters to over 150,000 users worldwide.

History of Invoice Ninja

Founded in 2014, Invoice Ninja started with the vision to provide a comprehensive, simple, and affordable invoicing solution for freelancers and small businesses. Recognizing a gap in the market for a tool that could help small ventures manage their invoicing and payment processes efficiently, Invoice Ninja stepped in to bridge this gap, growing rapidly as a result. Today, it is a widely-recognized platform for online invoicing, payment processing, and project tracking.

Typical Data Processed by Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja primarily processes payment and billing related data. This includes information like business name, customer name, address, contact details, invoice details (date, amount, taxes, etc.), payment details (method, status, transaction ID, etc.), and project management data. While the company does not advertise itself as a data processor, handling of such sensitive data necessitates strong data governance and compliance with legal regulations worldwide.

Invoice Ninja’s Operational Geography

Invoice Ninja operates in over 200 countries, supporting multiple languages and currencies, making it a truly global platform for invoicing and payment services. Because of its broad geographic coverage, the company has to comply with a myriad of diverse information governance rules, regulations, and best practices.

Key Features of Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja offers a wide array of features, including professional invoice design, creating and managing quotes, accepting payments online (credit cards, ACH payments, and more), partial payments and deposits, creating recurring invoices, time tracking, project management, and a client-side portal. All of which are integrated into an intuitive interface that also allows for customization to accommodate business branding.

The importance of monitoring and comparing vendors like Invoice Ninja from a data compliance perspective should not be understated. Since these vendors process sensitive customer and business data, they come under the purview of multiple local and global regulations that govern data privacy and security. Therefore, businesses using their services need to ensure that the vendors they choose adhere to this strict regulatory landscape. Reviewing their data governance policies becomes vital to minimizing risk and maintaining customer confidence.

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