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Overview of Insperity
Insperity, established in 1986 and formerly known as Administaff, Inc, is regarded as a leading provider of human resources (HR) and business performance solutions. The company's mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. They offer a diverse range of HR solutions to assist businesses in optimizing their talents and streamlining their operational processes.

History of Insperity
Insperity was founded by Paul J. Sarvadi and his partners in 1986. Deliberately starting out of a small office in Texas, they had originally desired to establish a company that could provide quality human resources services to businesses. Over the years, Insperity has expanded its solutions beyond HR and currently provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions, which includes Payroll, Time and Attendance, Performance Management, Organizational Planning, Recruiting Services, Employment Screening, Financial Services, Expense Management, Retirement Services and Insurance Services.

Types of Data Processed by Insperity
As an HR and business solutions provider, Insperity processes a diverse range of employee and business data. This includes personal identification information (PII), compensation details, performance records, timesheet data, recruitment information, financial data, and various business operational data. The nature of data processed by Insperity is wide-ranging, serving the broad requirements of its diverse client base.

Operational Places of Insperity
While they began in Texas, Insperity has grown significantly in both scale and scope, now boasts over 70 offices throughout the United States. However, their services aren't just confined to the U.S., as Insperity offers solutions to businesses across the globe.

Insperity Key Features
Insperity's services are designed to help businesses optimize their operations and maximize their human capital management. Key features include HR Administration, Payroll Processing, Benefits Administration, Risk and Compliance Management, Time and Attendance, and numerous others. Moreover, their solutions and services are customizable and scalable to match the specific needs and expectations of different businesses.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring and Comparison
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Insperity from a data compliance perspective is crucial. The HR and business performance solutions industry deals with sensitive employee and business data. Therefore, companies need to carefully select their vendors to ensure data security and compliance with regulations. This ensures that the businesses avoid hefty fines and penalties that may result from data breaches or non-compliance with legal regulations.

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