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Get access to all subprocessors for Ingeniux and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Ingeniux

Ingeniux is a leading provider of intelligent content management and digital experience software. Specializing in solutions for high-performance websites, portals, and knowledge applications, Ingeniux powers unique digital experiences and builds business-critical features, fostering engagement and driving conversions. Providing robust features and customizable capabilities for an array of industries, Ingeniux continues to impress the SaaS landscape.

History of Ingeniux

Founded in 1999, Ingeniux Corporation has grown steadily, carving out its space in the content management market. Over the years, the company has consistently updated its product platform to match evolving industry standards and digital requirements, making it a reliable contender in the realm of content management and digital experience software.

Typical Data Processed

Ingeniux primarily deals with content-related data, including text, multimedia content, and metadata. Being a content management system, it processes data related to website content, customer interactions, traffic analytics, and user behavior. This data allows businesses to optimize their online presence, tailor user experiences, and trend analysis.

Operational Areas

Ingeniux operates globally, serving clients from diverse industries across the world. While the company itself is based in the United States, its solutions are utilized by businesses worldwide, revealing its expansive and diverse reach.

Key Features

Ingeniux offers a number of key features designed to enhance businesses' digital experiences. These include a highly scalable architecture, mobile and multi-channel publishing, real-time analytics, personalization capabilities, and more. Its support for decoupled CMS deployment, XML-based content management approach, and a GUI-based content development tool, set Ingeniux apart from its peers.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Ingeniux is crucial. The way vendors handle, process and store the data can directly impact the privacy and security of the business data. Furthermore, data processing transparency is crucial in complying with regional and international data privacy laws. Taking time to understand the capability of vendors helps in aligning the suitable vendor with your organization’s data governance policy, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring compliance.

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