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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for iAdvize and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of iAdvize

iAdvize is a leading conversational platform in Europe dedicated to large corporations and mid-sized businesses seeking for a powerful tool to enrich their customer experience. With a strong focus on conversational commerce, the company leverages AI technologies and human touch to transform online customer experience into engaging and high-value interactions. iAdvize operates a SaaS model enabling e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and service companies to connect with customers, prospects, and users to provide on-demand assistance through a wide range of messaging channels.

History of iAdvize

The company was founded in 2010 in France. Since its inception, iAdvize has maintained a strong vision to excite, inspire, and revolutionize online customer experience by focusing on meaningful and personalized conversations. Being a pioneer in using messaging for customer service, iAdvize has continued to strengthen its position as the leading conversational platform in Europe.

Data processed by iAdvize

As a conversational platform, iAdvize primarily productizes customer data deriving from various messaging channels like online chat, call, video, messaging apps, and social media. The data sets include customer interactions, behavioral data, customer profiles, preferences, and other relevant information necessary to drive effective, personalized, and contextualized conversations towards sales. The company operates under a robust data protection system and ensures compliance with GDPR and other regional data protection laws.

Operating Regions of iAdvize

iAdvize is headquartered in France and operates across Europe. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations worldwide and now services customers in more than 100 countries. Some of its primary markets are the United States, European Union, Australia, Middle East, and Asia.

Key Features of iAdvize

iAdvize offers a variety of features geared towards empowering businesses to provide exceptional customer service. These include AI-powered chatbots, CRM integrations, omnichannel capabilities, and predictive targeting. Furthermore, iAdvize also offers real-time analytics and reporting features that provide businesses with actionable insights into their customer engagements. It also allows businesses to manage their expert community to keep the human touch in their conversations.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like iAdvize is crucial from a data compliance perspective. With recent data scandals and GDP regulations, businesses have become increasingly conscious of how and where their data is used. Keeping track of a vendor's data processing and storage practices and how they align with data governance norms is vital. Comparing different vendors' practices in the industry can help businesses select a vendor that places a high priority on data privacy and governance, assuring that customer data is handled in accordance with all regulatory standards.

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