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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Hub Integration and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Hub Integration

Founded in 2008, Hub Integration is a leading software solutions provider specializing in data integration, business process automation, application integration, and more. They have pioneered the development of innovative and sophisticated digital solutions designed to streamline and optimize business operations. With a deep commitment to driving digital transformation, Hub Integration offers comprehensive and end-to-end solutions that are helping businesses around the globe to manage their data workflow more effectively.

History of Hub Integration

Hub Integration stemmed from a vision to help businesses navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape. Since its inception more than a decade ago, the company has steadily grown, expanding their product suite and overall impact within the industry. Despite continual changes in the tech landscape, Hub Integration remains committed to delivering innovative, customer-centric, and world-class software solutions.

Typical Data Processed by Hub Integration

Hub Integration is commonly engaged in managing a wide variety of business data. From internal operational data to customer engagement metrics, their software solutions are critical in processing, monitoring, and interpreting virtually all forms of a company's data. Through their robust application integration capabilities, they enable businesses to access and use data from disparate sources seamlessly.

Hub Integration's Operational Locations

While Hub Integration originated in United States, the company now serves a global clientele. Thanks to their online-based solution, they are able to provide their services to any company worldwide, provided they have internet access.

Key Features of Hub Integration's Services

1. Robust Data Integration - Hub Integration provides comprehensive data integration that allows businesses to unify data from disparate sources.

2. Business Process Automation - They offer powerful business process automation services that help to streamline operations and drive efficiency.

3. Application Integration - Hub Integration's tools ensure seamless interoperability between various enterprise applications, enhancing productivity and functionalities.

4. Cloud Solutions - Hub Integration's cloud solutions enable high scalability, flexibility, and cost-saving opportunities for businesses.

Data Compliance Perspective

The arena of data compliance is replete with intricate regulatory requirements that make vendor selection a critical decision for every business. As your data is interconnected with your vendor's systems, it is essential to monitor and compare vendors to ensure compliance and security are prioritized. Hub Integration's commitment to integrating best data management practices with its digital solutions presents businesses with a reliable avenue for maintaining the integrity and security of their data. Monitoring compliance in this industry is crucial for mitigating risks, preventing costly data breaches, and maintaining the reputation of a business. Thus, choosing a vendor like Hub Integration, which employs robust security measures and adheres to prescribed compliance standards, is vital.

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