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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for Goldcast and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Goldcast

Goldcast is a leading provider of an event marketing platform designed to host engaging and immersive online events. They focus on creating a virtual space that facilitates interactive sessions, networking, sponsors highlighting, among others. Their goal is to transform the traditional event-hosting model into a more engaging, data-driven and impactful marketing channel.

Goldcast's Founding History

Founded in 2020, Goldcast was born from the founders' realization of gaps in the event tech space, especially with the emerging prominence of digital marketing. They recognized the need for a comprehensive tool that could help event marketers and demand generation teams create meaningful, interactive experiences online. Thus, Goldcast was created to be more than just a webinar platform by offering tools for authentic engagement and strategic marketing.

The typical data processed by Goldcast

Given its event-based focus, Goldcast processes a variety of data types including event registration data, participant engagement data, behavioural data, and feedback data. It also handles sponsors' data, session-specific data, and any other data related to the successful hosting and post-event analysis of digital events.

Goldcast's Operational Regions

Goldcast operates globally, with its services available in any region that has access to the internet. This allows businesses of all sizes, from various industries and from different parts of the world, to leverage the benefits that come with hosting interactive online events.

Key Features of Goldcast

Goldcast offers a slew of features that contribute to its reputation as a robust event marketing platform. These include an interactive dashboard for real-time event insights, a customizable platform to align with brands aesthetics, networking tools for better attendee interaction, sponsorship tiers for brand visibility, in-built email sequences among many more. It provides a complete solution for event hosting that prioritizes attendee engagement and event conversion.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring in Data Compliance

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Goldcast is crucial from a data compliance perspective for multiple reasons. Firstly, this practice ensures that a vendor is handling your shared data securely, respecting privacy rights, and following global data protecction regulations. Secondly, it helps to evaluate whether the vendor's data processing methods meets your company's standards and norms. Finally, this monitoring process can also reassure customers and stakeholders that their information is being processed responsibly and securely.

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