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Overview of Gameloft

Gameloft SE, known more commonly as Gameloft, is a leading global publisher of digital and social games. With a mission to entertain its players through immersive experiences, Gameloft develops and publishes games primarily for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The company's vast portfolio of innovative games caters to a wide range of player tastes, spanning from core shooter games to casual titles. Gameloft operates subsidiaries in 28 countries and its games are available in over 150 countries.

History of Gameloft

Founded in 1999 by the Guillemot brothers, the creators of Ubisoft, Gameloft has become one of the most prominent players in the mobile games industry. From its inception, Gameloft has been committed to crafting high-quality games and has a proven track record of delivering engaging gaming experiences. Over the years, the company has expanded its services and significantly grown its global footprint.

Typical Data Processed by Gameloft

As a gaming company, Gameloft processes large volumes of data to enhance user experiences. This can include data about individual gaming habits, such as playtime, highest scores, and frequent game selections. Additionally, Gameloft may also process personal data, such as user account information, device information, and location data. This data helps Gameloft tailor their offerings to individual users' preferences.

Where Gameloft Operates

Gameloft has a widespread presence globally with subsidiaries in 28 countries and games available in over 150 countries. The company has development studios in top gaming markets, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

Key Features of Gameloft

Gameloft's key features include a multitude of high-quality games designed to cater for all types of players, from casual gamers to the hardcore gaming community. Some of their successful franchises include Asphalt, Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter. The company's games are known for their immersive graphics, intuitive gameplay, and engaging storylines. Gameloft has also worked with renowned partners such as Disney, LEGO, and Universal to create licensed games.

The Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors from a Data Compliance Perspective

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Gameloft is crucial from a data compliance perspective as it is important to understand how personal data is processed and safeguarded. With the increasing importance of digital privacy and implementation of compliance regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, businesses need to ensure the vendors they partner with adhere to these standards. This extends beyond data governance to encompass data ethics, privacy by design, and data minimization. A thorough vendor assessment serves as a preventative measure against potential data breaches and subsequent reputational damage. Thus, comprehensively understanding our vendor, Gameloft’s data handling practices is of paramount importance.

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