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Overview of Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a premier Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company. Emphasizing innovation and collaboration, Fujitsu provides varied digital technology services, including IT services & support, telecoms, software, consulting, and system integration. Fujitsu identifies their sole purpose as making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation, leading the way to a more prosperous future. Their name has long been associated with trust, respect, and collaboration.

History of Fujitsu

Founded in June 1935, Fujitsu Limited stands as the oldest information technology company in Japan. It has played an instrumental role in shaping the technologically-driven world we know today. The company was instrumental in ushering in the computer age in Japan, creating the nation's first computer, the FACOM 100, in 1954. Since then, Fujitsu has been a trailblazer in the information technology industry, becoming a global leader in providing cutting-edge IT services and digital solutions.

Typical Data Processed by Fujitsu

The range of data processed by Fujitsu is as diverse as its product and service offerings. They handle and process data related to their cloud services, system integration, infrastructure services, and consulting. They cater to industries like government, healthcare, automotive, banking, retail, and manufacturing, oftentimes dealing with sensitive business and customer data across these various sectors.

Where Fujitsu Operates

Fujitsu operates on a truly global scale. They offer their products and services in over 70 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, Americas, Middle East, Australia, and Africa. Their widespread reach is supported by their large workforce, estimated to comprise over 130,000 employees worldwide.

Key Features of Fujitsu

Some of the key features of Fujitsu's service offerings are its holistic approach to IT infrastructure development, consulting, systems integration, AI and IoT technology, and digital production services. Fujitsu is also well-known for their cloud services, digital workplace services, network services, and security services. They also provide private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, equipped with top-tier security measures to ensure data protection.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

In the era of digital transformation, monitoring vendor performance and comparing different vendors from a data compliance perspective has become essential. Fujitsu, like any other IT services company, must handle sensitive data and ensure its protection. Businesses that share data with vendors like Fujitsu need to know their data is in safe hands. Regular monitoring of vendors’ data governance practices and comparing them among key players in the industry ensures accountability, secure data management, and adherence to global and industry-specific regulatory standards. This safeguard measures uphold the business’s reputation and prevent potential financial and legal ramifications.

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