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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Data Security: Secure Your Web Forms
Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for FormGet and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of FormGet

FormGet started in 2013 as a venture of eponymous tech pioneer Pawan Kumar. It provides an intuitive online form builder and email marketing tool that aids businesses in collecting valuable customer leads and feedback through dynamic forms. Whether it's for surveys, subscriptions, online bookings, customer feedback or simple contact forms, FormGet works as a robust platform that helps companies gather information and foster engagement. It has been increasingly recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness, making it popular among both small businesses and larger corporations.

The History

FormGet was established in 2013, originally intended to provide a solution for creating and managing multiple forms across various websites efficiently. Over the years, it has expanded its portfolio giving businesses the ability to collect payments, share forms across various websites, and manage customer communications. It also has an integrated email-marketing tool, which helps businesses automate email replies and organize contact lists effectively.

Typical Data Processed by FormGet

Being an online form implementation and email marketing service provider, FormGet typically processes a wide range of data including customer names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, as well as other personal and preference-based information provided by customers through the forms.

FormGet Operational Regions

Though based in Miami, Florida, FormGet extends its services globally allowing businesses from all around the world to use its platform. It supports multiple languages, making it universally accessible.

Key Features of FormGet

FormGet provides a variety of features that simplify online form creation and management. It offers a drag and drop builder which requires no coding; with FormGet, visually appealing forms can be created in few minutes. Customizable templates and form fields provide flexibility and adaptability to different scenarios. Other crucial features include multi-page forms, conditional logic for smart forms, and payment collection capability. Moreover, it provides integrations with popular platforms like PayPal, MailChimp, and Slack etc.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendor Like FormGet

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like FormGet is essential. These companies handle a large amount of customer data, which necessitates rigorous scrutiny to prevent data breaches and maintain compliance with legal regulations. By evaluating vendors, businesses can ensure their data is being handled securely while also identifying how well the vendors are adhering to data privacy laws. It allows businesses to gain greater transparency into their process and make informed decisions when selecting vendors in a rapidly evolving data landscape.

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