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Overview of Flitto

Flitto is a global crowd-sourcing translation platform, providing businesses and individuals with language translation services across various fields like social media, business documents, user-generated content and more. Using its unrivaled linguistic services, users can effortlessly break down language barriers, making the world more connected than ever before.

Flitto's Founding History

Flitto was founded in 2012 by Simon Lee, with the vision to create a more linguistically connected world. The company launched its service as a crowd-sourced translation platform, and has since grown to offer more extensive linguistic services. In 2015, Flitto was recognized for its innovative solution to translation and was awarded the Grand Prize at the Global K-Startup competition.

Data processed by Flitto

Flitto processes language data submitted by its users. This data consists of text or audio input that users want to translate into different languages. In some cases, this could include personal data like names or locations, specific to the content being translated. It also collects user data as part of its sign-up process and for user-profile creation.

Where Flitto Operates

Flitto operates internationally, connecting users and translators across 170 countries, conceptualizing a globally encompassing platform. Its headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, but its services are not limited by geographical boundaries. The seamlessness of its platform allows businesses and individual users from around the globe to benefit from the competent translation services it provides.

Key Features of Flitto

Flitto offers crowd-sourced translation services allowing users to obtain translations in real-time. Users can also purchase translator-curated content and voice recognition services. Additionally, it features an AI-based translation service for rapid translation needs. Businesses can benefit from its API, which enables them to integrate Flitto's translation abilities into their own platforms or services.

Importance of vendor monitoring from a Data Compliance Perspective

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Flitto is crucial from a data compliance perspective. Language translation often involves processing of various sensitive personal and corporate data. Therefore, understanding how a vendor processes, stores and safeguards this data is paramount to maintain data rights compliance. A company must ensure that vendors abide by international and local data privacy laws and adopt stringent data security measures. Flitto’s privacy policy and data governance measures thus need to be thoroughly evaluated to ensure not only seamless translations, but also rigorous data protection.

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