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Get access to all subprocessors for Fibery and 1000+ vendors.

An Overview of Fibery
Fibery is a sophisticated SaaS tool designed to simplify work management and improve productivity for businesses across various industries. It offers a combination of interconnected tools including project management, product management, CRM, and HR, all in one workspace. Fibery allows users to create their apps connecting to each other that match their company’s workflow.

The History of Fibery
Founded in 2019 by Michael Dubakov and team, Fibery takes a unique approach to the productivity and work management tool market by offering a sophisticated yet customizable platform. The creators with a solid background in the project management and productivity software industry brought their experience and insight to design a tool that caters to the diverse needs of different teams within a company. Their aim has been to eliminate the use of multiple disjointed tools and bring everything together in one place.

The Typical Data Processed by Fibery
Fibery processes various types of data to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. This may include project data, product development metrics, customer relationship data, team performance metrics, and human resources information. In addition to this, Fibery offers doc linked with your data and can connect external data via API.

Where Fibery Operates
As a web-based SaaS solution, Fibery operates on a global scale, servicing customers worldwide. They have remote tools and features, making them ideal for distributed teams across different regions and time zones.

The Key Features of Fibery
Fibery encompasses a variety of features all aimed at improving productivity, collaboration, and workflow. Some of its key elements include management of flows across the company, diverse boards for project progress, visual workspaces, timeline views for planning, and bi-directional linking of related data. It does also offer flexibility with customizable workspaces and apps that correspond to the unique workflows of a company. Additionally, Fibery's adaptive system grows and evolves with a business, reflecting changes in process and scale.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors in this Industry from a Data Compliance Perspective
In the world of data compliance and governance, keeping track of how different vendors sustain and handle your data can be crucial. It's important to monitor and compare vendors like Fibery – not just in terms of the services they provide, but also how they manage and protect valuable business information. Understanding exactly what data a vendor processes, where it operates, how secure its systems are, and how it conforms to regulations applicable in your area is essential for maintaining data compliance and ensuring the security of your business.

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